Windows Mobile Device Activities

Wireless devices are ubiquitous and the need to record an enterprise's wireless device activities may be critical. A wireless device could become compromised while traveling between different networks, regardless of the protocol used for communication (e.g., 802.11 or Bluetooth). Therefore, the tracking of which networks mobile devices are entering and exiting is useful to prevent further compromises. The creation frequency of the following events depend on how often the device disconnects and reconnects to a wireless network. Each event below provides mostly similar information with the exception that additional fields have been added to certain events.
AIS Managed SIEM

SIEM Events

Network Connection and Disconnection Status (Wired and Wireless)
Starting a Wireless connection
Successfully connected to a Wireless connection
Disconnect from Wireless connection
Wireless Association Status
Wireless Security Started, Stopped, Successful, or Failed
Wireless Authentication Started and Failed
Last modified September 14, 2021