Endpoint Management

Automated, remote, capabilities for Device Monitoring and Management. Robust reporting for inventory and patch management further automates tasks otherwise performed manually. Bitdefender anti-virus/anti-malware software and included and fully-managed. Our intelligent Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools and 24/7 back-office services provide expert, cost-effective IT management to make sure your systems operate as required.

  • LogMeIn Enterprise for computers/servers to enable interactive remote support and ability to troubleshoot desktops/laptops without having to take over the screen
  • Patch management to test patches before deployed to avoid unintended consequences and flag if any computers are not receiving critical patches for any reason
  • Automated remote software installation
  • Management of remote computers when not connected to VPN
  • Security, event, and audit log capture to proactively flag issues and reduce troubleshooting time of manually reviewing logs
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware licenses and management to centrally flag if any device becomes infected or stops receiving virus definition updates


  • Kaseya VSA Remote Monitoring and Management:
    • One of the key features is remote monitoring and management capabilities With this feature, you can manage your IT infrastructure from anywhere, whether users are in the office, working from home, or some of both Speed up time to resolution leveraging AIS support desk to troubleshoot and get your users working again in notime

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Protection:
    • As a trusted leader in the antivirus industry, Bitdefender provides advanced threat protection to keep your business safe from malware, viruses, and other online threats

  • Unified Management Console:
    • With Kaseya VSA and Bitdefender Antivirus, you can enjoy a single, easy to use management console This means you can manage all of your IT operations and antivirus protection in one place, reducing complexity and improving efficiency

  • Automated Patch Management:
    • Ensure all your applications are up to date with security patches and updates through our automated patch management tools and processes Customize which patches to automate and which to control yourself

  • Customizable Alerts and Reports:
    • With Kaseya VSA, you can customize alerts and reports to suit your specific needs This means you can stay on top of your IT operations and antivirus protection with ease

  • Scalable Solution:
    • Kaseya VSA and Bitdefender Antivirus are designed to be scalable, making them a perfect fit for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to grow and expand their operations

Example Project Plan

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Identify Service Accounts
  • Portal Configuration
    • Provide remote support option for Customer IT staff to support other users remotely
  • Removal of Existing RMM/AV
    • Remove legacy endpoint management software from Servers and Workstations
  • Deploy RMM Agent (via MSI) Servers
  • Change Administrator Passwords
  • Deploy RMM Agent (via MSI) Workstations
  • Setup Standard Alerts
Recurring Ongoing/As Needed
  • Server Event Monitoring
  • Automated NOC Services
  • Workstation remote monitoring and alerts via AIS Continuum
  • Automated Patch Management (specific policies are TBD)
Recurring Monthly
  • Review Server Reporting
  • Reporting
  • Review Desktop Reporting
Recurring Quarterly
  • Review Server Patch Policy

Recurring Tasks

Server Event Monitoring
Automated NOC Services
Review Server Reporting
Review Server Patch Policy
Workstation remote monitoring and alerts via AIS Continuum
Automated Patch Management (specific policies are TBD)
Review Desktop Reporting
Last modified March 7, 2023